Are you a business owner looking to install asphalt paths and sidewalks? You may not be aware, but there are several benefits to doing so.  

Asphalt paths for businesses open up new avenues of opportunity for businesses, and even the ones surrounding them. Below we look further into the reasons for needing asphalt paths as a business owner. 


Having smooth, level asphalt paths at your business can increase ease-of-access for many.

Accessible practices can be good for everyone and including more people in your business can give you access to a larger pool of potential customers,” suggests Braille Works. “There are many benefits that come with accessibility that are beyond legal protections, such as the goodwill such an act creates,” they write. “And the relationship you can build in your community.”  

For example, if you own a restaurant, a retail store, grocery store, or other business that serves a wider variety of people, making it more accessible to more people is not going to be a bad thing. 

The ‘walkable’ factor  

Installing asphalt paths for business can help make it more walkable. What does this mean, exactly? And, how could it boost business?  

“Streets where walking is safe and easy are streets where businesses usually thrive,” says “A number of studies have confirmed this over the last several years.”  

People like to be able to walk from place-to-place without having to jump in the car every few seconds. In addition, the more accommodating and convenient the asphalt path is, the more likely people are to use it and enjoy it. 

Attract the attention of visitors and non-locals  

Have you ever been on vacation or visiting a new place and just wanted to look around while walking? After all, if you are driving yourself around, catching the scenery and cool spots can be hard. Having adequate and inviting asphalt paths can increase foot traffic near your business while promoting its walk-ability to those not from the area. 


Installing asphalt paths for businesses can also increase the value of that business. Those businesses that are easy to access with asphalt paths that also add curb appeal, also are said to generally have a higher resale value and what is known as ‘curb appeal.’ 


In addition to boosting the value of the individual property, installing asphalt paths and sidewalks for businesses can actually increase the overall value of the entire area, catalyzing other businesses and individuals to take an interest and possibly invest in the area.  


Visible asphalt paths and walkways may help to deter potential criminals from destroying your property, stealing or breaking in.  

“Taylor and Harrell report in their study that changing the pattern of how neighborhood space is used can reduce contact between potential offenders and their targets and abate crimes,” one source says. “This includes giving careful attention to walkways, paths, streets, traffic patterns, and the location and hours of operation of public spaces and facilities.”  


If someone falls in your parking lot, sidewalk, or walkway, they may be able to file a lawsuit for any injuries and subsequent damages.  

“Accidents like a slip and fall on an icy surface that occurs in a parking lot of sidewalk outside of a business is easier to pursue than one that happens outside of a private residence,” writes one law firm.  

“This is because,” they say, “property owners have a legal obligation to exercise care when maintaining their property— including parking lots and sidewalks.” 

Benefits the local Economy  

Where people walk, they also spend money, studies suggest— about 65% more than individuals who drive, sources say. When people are attracted to the exterior of your business, they are more likely to spend money at your place as well as others near it.  


Having asphalt paths for business can open up new possibilities while making your business more welcoming to a variety of potential clients or customers. Whether it is a restaurant, bank, salon or law office, having a facility that can be accessed by all is key. Not only does it open up your business to a wider range of customers and clients, but it also reflects your goodwill as a business toward others.  

Having asphalt paths for business gives a clean, welcoming appearance to your business while promoting walkability and convenience.  

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