When you pull into your doctor, lawyer, or dentist’s office, the first thing that welcomes you is typically a parking lot. This only shows that importance of parking lot paving.

No matter what business you are in or where your facility is located within the Richmond, VA area, a smooth, clean looking parking lot is imperative to the image and health of your operation or enterprise.

Aside from the aesthetic and pragmatic appeal of up-to-par parking lots, they also carry a reduced amount of legal liability.

For example, cracks, holes, and other damage can allow water to sit, which can cause blacktop and or asphalt pavement in Richmond, VA to become wet and slippery.

According to Marks and Harrison, attorneys in Richmond, VA, “the Zurich Insurance Group says 35 percent of slip-and-fall accidents occur in garages and parking lots. In many cases ‘black ice,’ see through-accumulations that are hard to see, is to blame,” they say.

In short, if your parking lot is on your property, you are responsible for it, say the attorneys.

Finding Parking Lot and Blacktop Paving Repairs and Replacement in Richmond, VA


It is important to keep your parking lot well-maintained and looking good in order to reflect a positive, well-meaning reputation for your company.

How can you keep your blacktop pavement free from scars, marks, pits, cracks, holes, etcetera…?

Call Asphalt Paving Richmond VA by Justin Alexander, LLC to consult with us and discuss your parking lot and blacktop paving in Richmond, VA needs.

What can we offer?

  • More than 30 years of blacktop and parking lot experience in Richmond, VA.
  • Blacktop paving and repair.
  • Complete asphalt driveway installation.

We do it all when it comes to parking lot paving and repair at Asphalt Paving Richmond VA by Justin Alexander, LLC.

Our experienced team of professional asphalt pavers will work with you to perform the asphalt installation or repair you need.

First, we consult with you to determine how to go about replacing or fixing your asphalt or blacktop parking lot.

You may reach Asphalt Paving Richmond VA by Justin Alexander, LLC. at (804) 243-5614, to discuss your blacktop or parking lot repair and maintenance needs. Asphalt Paving Richmond VA by Justin Alexander, LLC will then go over step-by-step what we can do to repair or replace your current parking lot.

Still require access to your parking lot or business while replacement or repairs are taking place? No problem. Asphalt Paving Richmond VA by Justin Alexander, LLC will work to ensure your parking lot is replaced efficiently and quickly, so you never miss a minute— we get down to business

Choosing the right material for paving your parking lot


It’s important to consider how much traffic your parking lot will receive when choosing an effective parking lot paving route.

According to sources, while materials used for paving parking lots is often similar to those used in driveways, it should contain more base with an increased amount of ‘stone-to-stone contact.’

“All of the construction details described for driveways applies for commercial applications,” says Asphalt Magazine. “Additionally, it is recommended that the surface course be placed all in one day, wherever possible. If it is not possible to complete the surface paving, it will be necessary to make a construction joint. Other important points include good handling practices such as managing segregation, minimizing raking and avoiding back-scattering of collected coarse particles.”

The effectiveness of Keeping Your Blacktop, Asphalt, and Parking Lot Surface Clean


Taking care of your current blacktop or asphalt parking lot can make the difference in the number of times you need blacktop paving repair or total replacement in Richmond, VA.

Cleaning your asphalt or blacktop parking lot a few times each year can remove sediment which may later lead to stains, holes, warping, cracks, and more.

“Aside from the fact that parking lot cleaning is a best management practice, it is actually a crucial element to position your business and brand,” says Reilly Sweeping, Inc. “Think about how much effort you put into providing positive customer interactions and experiences,” they say, adding, “debris will eventually break down the pavement of your parking lot and plants will begin to grow in the cracks. This is far more expensive to fix than a regular parking lot cleaning service.”

Did you know, that keeping your parking lot clean may also discourage others from throwing their trash or litter out there?

Want to know more about asphalt paving Richmond VA, blacktop paving, or parking lot pavement and repair? Contact the experienced staff at Asphalt Paving Richmond VA by Justin Alexander, LLC today, at (805) 243-5614.