What kinds of damage can occur if you don’t prepare your asphalt pavement for winter? And what kinds of steps should you take to prepare your asphalt?  

Maintenance for asphalt pavement doesn’t end with Virginia’s first snowfall. Even though winter is a harbinger of hibernation, it is also peak-time for damage to happen to asphalt driveways and parking lots.  

Below you will find some of the most important maintenance essentials for asphalt pavement before Old Man Winter pays Richmond, VA a visit.  

Clean Up Asphalt  

If you want to avoid damage to your asphalt pavement during the winter, cleaning up around its perimeter and along where water rests, in addition to cracks, can prevent debris from traveling deeper into crevices which already make asphalt vulnerable to damage.  

Much like teeth covered by plaque, tartar, and food, it is important to have a professional to clean your asphalt for winter. In addition to removing any riffraff that could find its way into asphalt cracks during freeze-thaw cycles, having your asphalt professionally cleaned can reveal any other damaged areas.  

TIP: The best time to have your asphalt cleaned before winter is before the freeze-thaw cycle begins when temperatures are still favorable.  

Repair Asphalt  

Perhaps one of the best steps you can take to prepare your asphalt pavement for winter is to perform repairs.  

A simple fix is to have cracks and other opening sealed to prevent further damage caused by dirt, debris, freeze and thawing, and water accumulation. Smaller breaks and openings in asphalt can lead to larger potholes, which are unsightly and hard on a vehicle’s suspension and tires.  

Uneven asphalt can make it difficult for snow removal. By repairing asphalt before this even takes place, you can avoid even more costly repairs caused by the front buckets of plows and other snow removal machinery, which can easily get caught, and sometimes, are run too low.  

And, while it may be too late to make large-scale fixes this year; before winter is a good time to take note of issues with your asphalt so that they can be repaired first-thing in spring. One major issue this involves is water pooling, which can turn to ice in the winter. Ice can inevitably mean slip-and-falls. Many injuries caused by a slip-and-fall are preventable. However, a homeowner, property owner, or business owner can be held responsible for resulting physical damages.  

Don’t put others in harm’s way! Keep an eye out for water pooling and be sure to keep these areas clean and covered with plenty of salt to promote melting.  


Sealcoating is a great option for anyone looking to prepare their asphalt for winter. This is recommended for those with minimal cracking and other damage. If too much cracking is present, it may be time to replace your asphalt.  

Sealcoating covers the surface of asphalt to prevent water from seeping into cracks and other openings.  

Having your asphalt seal-coated to prepare your asphalt pavement for winter can also greatly improve the overall look, feel, and surface of your asphalt.  

Remove Ice & Snow   

When winter does arrive in Richmond, VA, you can continue to maintain your asphalt’s integrity and structural health by tenaciously removing ice and snow as it falls. However, it is important not to use tools or shovels with sharp edges, or even ice picks, as these items can cause further damage to asphalt.  

One way to not have to worry so much about snow and ice removal is to hire a professional snow removal company. This ensures a standard of snow removal and frequency that avoids snow, ice, and water buildup.  


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